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For construction & demolition timber, scrap wood, chipboard, cable drums, railroad sleepers and much more. Finest shredding for your application areas.

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Wood shredder - processing of waste wood: Finest shredding of pallets, waste wood & Co.

The Phoenix Hydro Power shredder is perfect for the processing of waste wood A1 to A4.

With the new shaft architecture, the Phoenix Hydro Power shredder achieves an aggressive feed, yet is insensitive to foreign bodies and can convince with low wear costs. Due to the suitable shaft configuration, precisely defined output sizes can be achieved and a wide range in different input materials can be covered.

In the waste wood section, the input material is pre-shredded to a pre-break of 150-400 mm, foreign bodies such as FE metals are selected by a magnet.

Other applications include the shredding of roots, logs, palm trees and railroad sleepers, and more.

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Powerful twin-­shaft pre-­shredder
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The new Phoenix product with the best of more than 20 years of experience in the recycling industry
The Phoenix Hydro Power Shredder - HPS 1.5
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Diesel or electric drive Mobile or stationary system or integrated in production process Solutions in the field of screening and re-shredding


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