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Pre-shredder for films, plastic straps, big bags, GRP materials and much more. Finest shredding for your application areas.

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The Phoenix Power shredder's twin-shaft system ensures effective material shredding.

The built-in reversing function ensures that the shafts are prevented from clogging. Automatic contaminant detection reduces wear costs. FE metal is selected by means of a magnet and can be recycled elsewhere.

The tool shafts, which have been optimized for this area of application, shred various plastics (profiles, windows, GRP material) into a uniform final grain.

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Powerful twin-­shaft pre-­shredder
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The new Phoenix product with the best of more than 20 years of experience in the recycling industry
The Phoenix Hydro Power Shredder - HPS 1.5
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Diesel or electric drive Mobile or stationary system or integrated in production process Solutions in the field of screening and re-shredding


different tools for your specific material


mature machine concept High quality and durability due to high-quality machine components Innovative machine and control technology

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