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Efficient shredding of car, truck and tractor tires. Finest shredding for your applications.

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Tire Shredder | Tire Recycling | Rubber | Shredding

Tire Shredder | Tire Recycling | Rubber | Shredding

Tire shredder - efficient shredding of car, truck, and tractor tires.

with massive and optimized shafts, various types of tires can be broken up, resulting in a considerable reduction in volume. By means of water spraying, the shaft system is permanently cooled during the cutting process, thus preventing overheating. By means of specially designed tool shafts it is possible to shred the tires so efficiently and to achieve an optimal final grain.

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Powerful twin-­shaft pre-­shredder
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The new Phoenix product with the best of more than 20 years of experience in the recycling industry
The Phoenix Hydro Power Shredder - HPS 1.5
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Diesel or electric drive Mobile or stationary system or integrated in production process Solutions in the field of screening and re-shredding


different tools for your specific material


mature machine concept High quality and durability due to high-quality machine components Innovative machine and control technology

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